If you are an Ashbaugh or Eschbach or related to one or the other and have a web page, whether it's a business page or personal page, we'd like to know and place a link!

This site is always under development and we are still searching for more Ashbaugh's and Eschbach's! Remember, the two are related. The Ashbaugh name is the Americanization of the German name Eschbach, sometimes spelled Eshbach. So far there seems to be three major Ashbaugh groups in the United satets who are descendants of different Eschbach clans. My clan has descendended from Johann Heinrich Eschbach (a.k.a. Henry Ashbaugh). Johann Heinrich Eschbach became known as Henry Ashbaugh sometime after his arrival to the colonies aboard the ship Winter Galley in September of 1738. Want to know more? Are you related? Visit some of our genealogy links and find out! There is also The Johann Heinrich Eschbach from Falkner Swamp and a Frederich Eschbach Clan. Although not yet proven, they are most likely related further up the Eschbach family tree,

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