Fox Chase, Philadelphia
Rhawn and Ridgeway Streets

I am looking for former students of Fox Chase Elementary School, especially those who would have been students between the years 1959 and 1965 when I was there. I attended during those years and would have been in the grade and class indicated below.

1959 Spring - Grade K (Mrs. Fish)
1959 Fall - Grade 1 A (Mrs. Miller)
1960 Spring - Grade 1B (Mrs. Miller)
1960 Fall - Grade 2A (Miss Walders)
1961 Spring - Grade 2B (Mrs. Equi)
1961-1962 - Grade 3 (Miss Rowland)
1962-1963 - Grade 4 (Mrs. Foster)
1963-1964 - Grade 5 (Mr. Salley)
1964-1965 - Grade 6 (Mrs. Gouse)

If you have attended Fox Chase Elementary school, especially those who attended the same years and more importantly, the same class, I would love to hear from you! Please write to me, John (Jackie) Ashbaugh at

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