There are two known reunions occurring the same time each year during the summer months. Although these reunions were initiated by different descendants of our immigrant ancestor Johann Heinrich Eschbach, these reunions are open to all of those who can trace their family heritage through our immigrant ancestor. One of these reunions are held in Ohio each year and the other in Western Pennsylvania.

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 OHIO - In September of 1738, Johann Heinrich Eschbach an immigrant from Germany arrived in the port city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania aboard the ship "Winter Galley". He settled in Mt. Joy Township. After his arrival here he became known as Henry Ashbaugh. His son, Johann (John) in the year 1799 went to Fairfield County, Ohio, built a log cabin and planted his crops. He returned to Pennsylvania and the following year, 1800, departed Pennsylvania with his family to settle in Rush Creek, Fairfield County, Ohio. From here his descendants have settled throughout the United States and Canada.

It was one of the descendants of John's children who started the family reunion in Fairfield County and on The Third Saturday, of August at Kachelmacher Park in Logan, Ohio, we keep that tradition alive by once again celebrating our family reunion. Kachelmacher Park is just south of US 33 on SR 93. We will meet for dinner at 12 noon ("covered dish" or "put luck") and the place is ours until ??. Of course there will be some of us who gather before the dinner meeting time to discuss our genealogies and just catch up un events in the family and getting better aquainted with our cousins. There will be games and other activities for all. Some of us will be meeting on Sunday as well to worship together as a family.

 Pennsylvania - This reunion was started by The family of Custer Ashbaugh son of David B. Ashbaugh he is the son of Alexander Ashbaugh and he is the son of Andrew Ashbaugh, son of Johann Heinrich Eschbach.

Reunions are held on the First Sunday in August at Northmoreland Park at one of the Pavilions. It is the County Park in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. It is real easy to find. If anyone wants directions or specific pavilion information they can reach Betty Ashbaugh Leap at Remember we invite all Ashbaughs to come. We have a cover dish and whatever anyone wants to bring but I will say that there is always a wide range of food. We hope that many of the family can make it this year.

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